Wedding & Portrait Photographer


Behind the Lens

I'm a lover of Jesus, wife to my best friend, new mom, a fan of my crazy cats, and a coffee addict.

Why I Do What I Love

I love people and I love making them happy! Capturing your unique story and seeing your faces light up does that for me. As a portrait photographer specializing in couples, engagements, weddings, maternity, newborns, families, solos & graduates, I get to see it all and feel honored when I get to be a part of your life in such a special way!

You Can Trust Me

Inviting a stranger into your big life event is no small thing! I get that. You want someone that you can trust, someone you can feel comfortable with, and someone that allows you to be your true self. I create an experience where you can have confidence to let your guard down, so that together we can make the magic happen in an authentic way, while also keeping things simple, real, and fun!

10 Fun Facts About Me

1.  Almost anything is possible with just a cup of coffee (or five)

2.  One of my life mottos is that you can never have too many scarves

3.  I try to turn every party into a board game party

4.  I’ve found that living for Jesus beats living for myself any day

5.  I'm that person who doesn’t notice her phone battery is low until it’s at 3%

6.  I believe there’s a flavor of Le Croix for every meal

7.  My personal Instagram feed no longer consists of me anymore, but instead 95% of it is my child #momlife

8.  Sweet potato fries are my weakness

9.  When a conversation consists of lyrics to a pop song, I will most likely bust out and sing it. 

10. I watch Parks & Rec, The Office, and Friends on a never-ending rotation.

How I got started

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved being creative. I started practicing with my point and shoot in high school, capturing pictures of the kids I babysat and photos of the places my family would travel to. I was always told, that I had that natural photographer’s eye. 

In college, I bought my first SLR camera after earning the money from an internship I worked that summer after freshman year. That baby took me far! It was a Nikon D3100, and was my most valued item I owned (I’ve since upgraded to my Canon 7D Mark II - which I LOVE). My senior year of college, I had my own art show, where I presented photos I had taken of young children exuding this innocence in their eyes. Something about capturing young kids excites me, because I have to work hard to earn their trust, and their demeanor is very raw. I still, to this day, adore capturing kids, which is why I love family sessions so much! 

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